The Children's Commissioner is tasked with monitoring the administration of the Care and Protection of Children Act as it pertains to 'vulnerable children'.

The relevant provisions are in Chapter 2 of that Act. The Office of Children and Families has responsibility for the administration of Chapter 2.

Key activities undertaken by the Commissioner's office regarding this function include conducting sample audits of key child protection activities such as the quality of care plans for children in care or the number of times children in care are sighted by child protection workers. Analysis of child protection operational data is also conducted on an annual basis.

Although this Act was passed by the NT Legislative Assembly in November 2007, it is being progressively commenced as the relevant regulations and policies to accompany each section are completed. The key provisions relating to the protection and care of children commenced in December 2008. Significant amendments relating to the functions of the Children' s Commissioner commenced on 1 July 2011.