There are three ways you can lodge a complaint:

1. You can call the office of the Commissioner by telephone (Freecall 1800 259 256) and someone will discuss the matter with you and outline the processes and options involved. If we are out we will call you back as soon as possible - please do not forget to leave your name and contact number.

2. You can visit the office of the Commissioner to discuss your complaint with us directly. It is preferable to first make an appointment to ensure a member of the team is available to meet with you.

3. You can send in a written complaint by fax, e-mail, using our online complaint form or letter (see Contact Us for address details). With written complaints, please provide a brief outline of the matter and a means for us to contact you.

Before we formally investigate a complaint we recommend that steps be taken to resolve the matter directly with the service provider, for example, by utilising existing organisational complaint mechanisms.

If you are unsure whether you wish to make a formal complaint, we would be happy to discuss options with you.