Q. Who can make a complaint?

A. A child who is or was a 'vulnerable child' or an adult acting on behalf of a 'vulnerable child'.

Q. What if my complaint does not involve services for the child?

A. It is possible that other complaint entities such as the NT Ombudsman or the Health and Community Services Complaints Commission may be able to receive and process the complaint. Investigators from the office of the Children's Commissioner would be happy to discuss options with you.

Q. What discretion does the Commissioner have in dealing with a complaint?

A. The Commissioner is able to decline to deal with a complaint on a number of grounds specified in the legislation, for example, if there is another person or entity with a mechanism to deal with the complaint.

Q. What happens when a complaint is found to be substantiated?

A. The Commissioner will seek to resolve the matter with the service provider. This may, for example, take the form of recommendations designed to initiate or to improve service provision and/or to ensure a satisfactory level of service into the future. The Commissioner is required to monitor the responses of service providers to any recommendations that have been made.